Meditrade is a company who has been dealing with medical market since 1993

We sell and distribute plastic parts, sub-assemblies, sterile single-use products and services used in different fields, extremely service and custom design oriented.

Thanks to its flexibility being a lean company, we can satisfy almost every non standard request.


In a few words, what Meditrade aims is:

Supply the customers with a wide range of products consolidating different needs even of the same client: parts, sub-assemblies, sterile products, tubing, special items custom-designed, information, in a word everything a company needs to work out.

Promptly and carefully reply to the customers’ enquiries, not by word but by facts, even in a negative case. We will fastly display every available solution.

Have a direct relationship with its clients, without any time waste so that people, not companies, can speak. Customer service is a main part of our company mission.

Supply the customers with a favourable quality/price ratio products. We look forward to including you soon in our partners group since this is how we consider our customers.