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We offer tailored products strictly based on your specific need, with your CE mark or our partner's one; our strenghts are highly personalised productions, even in small quantities, but we also have standard sterile for applications such as:

  • INFUSION: Infusion sets, extension sets, stopcocks, flow regulators, cannula needles, obturator
  • DIALYSIS: Blood lines, fistula needles, bicarbonate cartridges, dialysis catheters
  • CENTRAL VENOUS ACCESS: Single, double, triple lumen with customised kit composition
  • ANAESTHESIA AND RESPIRATORY CARE: suction catheter, twin bore nasal oxigen set, Yankauer suction set, oxygen mask, Guedel airway, nebuliser mask, Venturi mask, endotracheal tube plain/cuffed, spinal needles, epidural needles, epidural catheter, chiba needle, oxygen catheter
  • UROLOGY: Foley catheter latex and silicon made, nelaton catheter, rectal catheter, urine collection bags..
  • GASTROENTEROLOGY: Infant feeding tube, Levin's tube, Ryle's tube, umbilical catheter, Enteral feeding bag
  • GENERAL SURGERY: Close wound suction drainage unit, mini close wound suction drainage unit, thoracic catheter, thoracic catheter with trocar, intra costal drainage bag, Redon drain catheter
  • CHEMOTHERAPY: Infusion sets, preparators, spikes – with standard and ambered tubes
  • ....and many others
Need further information? Didn't you find aswers about your questions? We can arrange sterile products you haven't found in the catalogue list yet